First we apply a solutions of detergents (to kill mould, fungus, & their spores along with dissolving road dust as well as general dirt & grime). This is applied with low pressure through a wide span nozzle & is designed to loosen or soften any foreign material on the surface to be cleaned. Really tough areas will be brushed for an extra clean as well as around windows where necessary. Once this solution has been given time to dwell, it is then washed off to clean the surface. We clean from the gutter to the ground, including flushing the windows. This will leave your house free of dirt and grime extending the life of your paint work.


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    Small brick unit or flat From $149
    Small to medium size house up to 120m2 and up to 2 storeys From $249
    Large House From $300
    Extra Large House From $349
    Gutter Cleaning From $100
    Paths and Drives etc Ask for Quote
    Lawn Mowing or Garden Work Ask for Quote
    Spider Treatments Ask for Quote

    Price depends on access to property, height, gardens, access to water and condition.